Additional Services

We can offer our customers many additional and complimentary services, pertaining to the trailer industry, including:


Trailer Deliveries


With different towing vehicles at our disposal, including 4x4s like a new Commercial Shogun and a Commercial Defender 110, we can offer a UK and Europe wide delivery service for your trailer, caravan or boat. Ideally situated on the south coast, we have convenient access to many European bound ports.


Are you another trailer company looking for relief / additional logistic support to move your sold trailers across the country?


Are you a member of the public that requires a trailer, caravan or boat transported safely and conveniently from one point to another?  


Are you a member of the marine industry looking for a  reliable and economical way of transporting your sold stock around the country?


Look no further - use the Contact Form to ask us for a competitive, no obligation, quote.

Flushing kits


These offer excellent post submersion cleaning for your brake shoes. Not many people want the hassle of stripping down their hubs after every launch or recover, so why do it?!...


Get us to install a flushing kit to your axle(s) and you can flush your brakes through, with fresh water, utilising a standard 'Hozelock' fitting, which is supplied with the kit. Most slipways now have a fresh water hose for your benefit, so you can flush out your brakes whilst you're securing your boat on the trailer.


Designed specifically for new style Alko axles, however, we can retro-fit them to any manufacturer's axle for you.


 Alko Hub Flushing Kit £45.00 single axle / £55.00 twin axle



Bearing Savers


Fitted in place of your dust caps, bearing savers are a chromed, hollow canister with a sprung loaded diaphragm. The diaphragm has a grease nipple located in the centre, allowing you to fill the bearing saver with grease.


The grease, due to it being under compression from the diaphragm, is then continuously pushed in to the bearing cavity as the old grease is used up. This means you don't have to continually strip down your bearings to re-grease them.


They really do work and will prolong the life of your bearings immensely. This picture shows the bearing saver fitted with the optional dust cover. To fit 50.25mm sized hub boss / drum boss.


OE Bearing Saver £26.50 (pair) / Cap £1.40 (ea)